Personality Profile

“PRO-Development™ is the best testing instrument I’ve worked with in the past twenty years!” — CEO succession planning executive who has worked with many such tools


Understanding what makes you tick is vital to your personal development. The Wilderness Coach™ uses PRO-Development™ personality profile as a coaching tool throughout your coaching experience. It’s a pre-trip, in-depth personality assessment providing rich insights into your personal mission, competencies, and style.

And Where Do You Want to Go?

PRO-Development produces a comprehensive 30-page guide detailing your individual characteristics, potential pathways, sources of dissatisfaction, and actionable steps forward. As we explore our chosen destination, this guide serves as a foundation for the coaching, helping us understand your core motivations and, ultimately, altering your career and life’s trajectory.

This tool adds insight and structure, taking your Adventure Travel Coaching Expedition from a wilderness escape to a career- and life-changing experience.

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